Ho, Ho, Ho: 3 Holiday Dental Tips to Live By

Preventative Hygiene  Woodside NYIt’s that time of year when the snow is falling, kids are making their Christmas lists, and you are guarding your wallet just hoping Santa doesn’t make you go bankrupt this season. Even though the holiday season has just begun, it can make people feel stressed and uneasy. In addition to relaxing more and enjoying time with your loved ones, taking care of a few oral health concerns can also help you ease into this season with more confidence and less anxiety.

Schedule a Cleaning Beforehand

If you are due for your six-month dental cleaning and checkup, schedule it before your calendar fills up with holiday parties, performances, and other plans. The American Dental Association recommends that adults get a cleaning by a professional office like Woodside Dental every six months to prevent cavities and other oral health concerns. By crossing this off of your list, you can make Santa’s list the only thing that needs to be checked off twice.

Don’t Forget the Whitening

Whether you have a big work party, you’re meeting with friends you haven’t seen all year, or you have a big holiday photo shoot coming up, make sure that your teeth are whiter than ever. Here at our Woodside Dental office, we use a customized at-home whitening system that allows you to start whitening your teeth from the comfort of your bathroom every day— giving you the confidence you need during this time of year.

Watch the Sugar

Buddy the Elf said it himself, “Candy, candy canes, and syrup!” Even though sugar may be front and center at every holiday party and outing, make sure that you are watching yours and your family’s sugar intake. Not only is too much sugar bad for your blood sugar and waistline, but it can cause tooth decay and other oral problems.

Enjoy your holidays with ease and schedule your next appointment at our Hellertown office today!

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