Why Convenience Is Key

Dental services Woodside NYLife is busy. Whether you have a family, have a career, are retired, or are just living the life you’ve always wanted, time is important and valuable. Here at Woodside Dental, one of the things that we pride ourselves on is making sure that we make your life easier and more convenient. Whether it’s offering you more convenient times, a family practice you can count on, or a wide array of dental services, our goal is to make your life easier and healthier.

More Convenient Appointment times

If you work a full-time job Monday through Friday like most people, then it can seem impossible to make a dental appointment on a Monday morning at 10 am. This reason alone is why we are open on Saturdays— for your convenience.

We Are a Family Practice

Having to take your toddler, your middle school-aged kid, and yourself to three different dentists is not only time consuming, but it’s completely unnecessary as well. Another thing that we offer our patients at Woodside dental is the convenience of getting everyone in your family’s dental care needs to be taken care of in one spot. Have a toddler who needs their first exam? We’ve got you covered. Have a chipped tooth you need taken care of? We still have you covered.

We Off More Services

Whether you’re looking for general dentistry like teeth cleaning, cosmetic services like Invisalign, or maxillofacial surgery like biopsies, we have got you covered. And, that’s not the end of it. We specialize in so much more. Before you start looking for another oral specialist to help you with your needs, contact our Woodside Dental office to see if we can help you out.

Having a healthy, clean smile shouldn’t be another hectic part of your schedule. To learn more about our Woodside Dental office or to make your next appointment, contact us at 718-898-6010.

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We’re Here To Make You Smile

“I want to thank Dr Velasquez and especially his staff for going the extra mile to accommodate me. P.S Irene so happy you are back. You are the only one who can calm me down.”

– Rebeca, Queens

“I’m a New Patient at Woodside Dental Care and I will Honestly Say this Place is Amazing, Really Soothing, Clean and comforting for the patients. The staff is really Generous and Nice always Making sure all your questions are being Fulfilled and Always providing the Best service to us the patients. The Doctor is really Charming and amazing, Always making sure you comfortable and everything is taken care off. I’ll highly Recommend this Place to Everyone”

– Richard, Queens

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